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Class Descriptions


Our ballet classes are the heart of our studio. Ballet classes offer students instruction for ballet technique. Our 2-3 year old classes teach students beginner ballet steps and vocabulary, while in a fun atmosphere with fun props and music. Our 4-6 year old ballet classes offer a little bit more ballet technique, while also maintaining the fun element throughout. Our 7+ year olds will begin taking ballet to the next step, improving their technical skills and learning a more advanced vocabulary. 

Intro to Dance

Our Intro to Dance classes are Mommy & Me classes designed for students 16-24 months. These classes incorporate creative movement, while using different props to begin introducing ballet & music to our littlest students. 


Hip Hop

A vibrant, upbeat dance class for students to learn dance skills and fun choreography, all while listening to their favorite tunes. 



A mix between ballet and hip hop styles, jazz is a class that provides students with a more upbeat atmosphere, while also teaching the more technical aspects of dance. 



Tumbling is the first step to introducing kids to gymnastics, using a gymnastics mat to learn somersaults, basic handstands, and other fun tumbles!

Pre Professional Program

Our pre-professional program is by invitation/audition only. Students asked to participate in this program will be learning ballet at a higher level, following a more rigid syllabus. A certain level of discipline is expected from pre professional students. Training in this program is intended to prepare students for the professional ballet world.

Adult Classes

Our adult classes are tailored to helping adults workout while adding the element of dance. 


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